With our dry desulfurization and denitration technology
(ReACT: Regenerative Activated Coke Technology) that uses activated coke,
we are able to provide environmental measures equipment for purifying exhaust gases from factory facilities, etc.
When it comes to solving environmental problems, leave it to J-POWER EnTech

As a leading design engineering company,
J-POWER EnTech aims for the coexistence of
industry and the environment.

As a next generation company leading the world into the future, what J-POWER EnTech envisions is:
Tackling environmental issues with our original technology and keeping ahead of the times.
In order to realize this vision, we have been aiming to develop our business on the theme of the “Environment,” utilizing flexible ideas and engineering not bound by conventional common sense.

Our technology does not pollute the air. It does not waste water and it is friendly to the earth’s natural environment.
It stably supplies clean energy with clean equipment. Based on these strengths, we will continue to promote the spread of ReACT technology in Japan and overseas, thereby contributing to reducing the environmental burden through the removal of air / water pollutants.
As a member of the J-POWER Group, J-Power EnTech aims for the coexistence of industry and the environment, and as a professional company that plays a part in a wide range of engineering projects with the theme of the “Environment”, we will continue to contribute to the creation of an affluent society.


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The strength of J-Power EnTech is our technology
that is different from that of other companies.

For pursuing more sophisticated and efficient plant equipment, Environmental Measures Technology

ReACT Regenerative Activated Coke Technology

Strength of J-Power EnTech

EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) capabilities and cost competitiveness based on ReACT are our strengths.

We fully utilize ReACT’s process design capability, detailed design capability (structural analysis, frame design, piping design, etc.), procurement capability, quality & process control capability, commissioning procedure manual creation capability, and more.

We are able to select the appropriate materials, set the safety factors, set the warranty periods, and carry out performance assurance and risk management.

We make effective use of vendors through overseas procurement, competitive bidding, etc., secure cost competitiveness by requiring vendors only for production, and provide reasonable engineering.

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